The Power of AI (Part I): Creating Super Underwriters Ep. 1

In a time where technology is rapidly transforming the way the world works, innovation is gaining ever increasing importance as a means for survival and success. In our new video series, we will highlight the important role that innovation plays in advancing underwriting and show how Penn National Insurance is using technological advancements to stay ahead.

Our series starts with Phil Alampi, VP of sales and marketing at Convr, discussing the values of super underwriters, the challenges that underwriting faces, and some important tips on how carriers can innovate successfully.

Later in the series, we will focus on Penn National Insurance's journey of innovation. Within, Randy Mancini, VP of commercial lines at Penn National Insurance, will provide a detailed account of why his company has chosen to innovate, how they are using artificial intelligence (AI) in their underwriting processes and the results they have achieved.

After you watch the video, let us know your thoughts on the importance of super underwriters and how to best create them in the comments below.