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Monthly Pay Option
Underwriting Efficiencies
Data Lake & Document Library
Federal, State, Local, Firmographic Data
Business Class & DBA's
Submission Drag, Drop & Edits
Risk Answers & Snap Shots


Monthly Pay Option
Underwriting Efficiencies

Submission Extraction

Submission Confidence Scores

Fusion of 1st & 3rd Party Data

Source Priority & Clearance

Excel Rater Templates


Customized Configurations​
Proprietary Underwriting

Intelligent Document Processing

Workflow Configurations

API's and Integrations

Specialty Data & Risk Scores

Underwriting Dashboards

Orchestrate a Better Underwriting Experience

Convr’s end-to-end underwriting management system brings together Data. Discovery. Decision. ™ with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) patented d3 Underwriting Command Center.  

By unifying and digitizing underwriting management through Convr, insurers free up significant underwriting time to focus on achieving greater business impact.  

With Convr, you can:


Drive faster speed-to-quote

With a digital experience from submission to quote.


Analyze risks at a greater granularity

Improving price adequacy and minimizing unanticipated losses.


Organize and harness

A vast array of new data sources to make more informed decisions.


Grow revenue

Eliminating manual work and freeing up valuable underwriting time to focus on complex risks while building better relationships.


Digitize submissions

Synthesizing information to produce in-line, real-time, cross-referenced business classifications and scores to improve underwriting productivity and insights.

With Convr, you can:



Drive faster speed-to-quote with a digital experience from submission to quote. 



Analyze risks at a greater granularity, improving price adequacy and minimizing unanticipated losses.



Organize and harness a vast array of new data sources to make more informed decisions



Eliminate manual work and free up valuable underwriter time to grow revenue and build broker / customer relationships.



Digitize submissions and bring that information and synthesize it with big data producing in-line, real-time, cross referenced business classifications, and scores to improve underwriting productivity and insights.

Digital Underwriting Management: The Core Solution You Are Missing


Underwriting teams can be burdened with chasing Google searches to cobble together risk insights or manually rekeying data from documents into internal systems.

Using Convr's Underwriting Command Center, underwriters have instantaneous access to over 4 billion data points sourced from thousands of data sources to gain granular risk insights from a business’s digital footprint.

Convr's Underwriting Command Center brings together the ultimate control of three critical elements of your experience:

  • Data: From submission documents to thousands of third-party sources of data, Convr brings together a world of information that until now, has been largely untapped.
  • Discovery: Within broad data, Convr helps spot patterns, identify signals and provide insights to help carriers underwrite with more speed and confidence.
  • Decision: Using AI to analyze vast amounts of data, Convr gives underwriters more control and more confidence to make the best decisions possible.

Reduce Underwriting Cycle Times and Reduce Risks with Convr Underwriting Command Center

d3 Intake™ uses Convr’s patented Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) technology to process submission documents such as loss runs, SOVs and ACORD forms that help reduce manual data entry. 

d3 Risk 360™ provides deep insights into a business’s digital footprint from thousands of data sources as well as Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) integrated data sources.

d3 Answers™ uses artificial intelligence (AI) to prefill online applications, classify a business and respond to underwriting questions. 

d3 Risk Score™ enables risk selection and prioritization, lead scoring and risk relativity analysis to better focus downstream underwriting resources.


Learn how Tangram drove real results:

  • Increased efficiency by over 130%
  • Achieved 91% machine read data accuracy
  • Enabled same-day small business insurance quoting



Premium Growth


Loss Avoidance


Price Adequacy


Underwriting Efficiency


Underwriting Productivity


Speed to Quote


Greater Customer Experience


The AI Advantage

Convr's patented AI enables higher volumes of submissions from structured (agent portal submissions with prefill from a data lake) and unstructured (agent email submissions extracted using IDP) sources, driving greater throughput, lower cost and a greater customer experience.


Innovate Faster With Convr’s Secure Cloud Solutions

Convr is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading cloud provider that has five times more deployed infrastructure than its next 14 competitors combined. Our choice in AWS gives Convr the flexibility and scalability to meet your IT cloud needs and ensure company-specific data in private servers.


Stay Agile with Microservices

The d3 Underwriting Command Center is built with microservices to enable fast iteration while providing and maintaining a robust set of capabilities and solutions. Because these services are independent and loosely coupled, they enable rapid activation of business use cases while also delivering superior performance on a relatively small infrastructure footprint. This means you can modernize your underwriting experience incrementally while gaining an innovative advantage.


Available Through a Variety of Delivery Mechanisms

Convr solutions integrate to your core systems through Convr Connect API's, a purpose-built underwriting user interface and email interfaces. This architecture design delivers integration capability and flexibility to connect into existing carrier systems and processes more easily.

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