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    Built on the Principles of Data. Discovery. Decision.®

    All solutions within the Convr underwriting platform are built on the following principles, which are the foundation of all we do:

    • Data: Data is more available in the world than ever before. From submissions that data carriers receive from agents to third-party data available online and in other digital formats, there is a world of information available today that is still largely untapped.
    • Discovery: Within the data are patterns and insights, signals that can help carriers underwrite in a dramatically superior fashion. These signals are not always easy to find, however, and sometimes they are impossible for the human brain to extract from the abundance of today’s data. This is where AI and, specifically, machine learning come into play.
    • Decision: Using AI on the vast amounts of data available enables underwriters to make the best decisions possible throughout their workflow processes.
    Large & Mid-Market Underwriting
    Large & Mid-Market Underwriting
    Reduce administrative overhead and lead times.
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    Small Business
    Small Business (SMB) Underwriting
    Power your SMB agent and customer experience.
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    Key Benefits

    Improve underwriting productivity
    Improve underwriting productivity by up to 10 times.
    Reduce loss ratio by up to one point
    Reduce loss ratio by up to one point.
    Provide world-class customer experiences
    Provide world-class customer experiences.
    Reduce administrative work
    Reduce administrative work.
    Show same-quarter results after implementation
    Show same-quarter results after implementation.
    Leverage more than 3,000 data sources
    Leverage thousands of data sources.