Small Business Underwriting

Power your SMB agent and customer experience.


For small business underwriting, the journey begins from a portal where either the agent or the prospect (in cases of direct business) need to enter only their business name and an address or phone number. From there, behind the scenes, d3 Risk 360™ instantly uncovers the digital footprint of the business by tapping our data lake that contains more than four billion data points across all 50 states.

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Answer Underwriting Questions

Now that the business and its digital footprint are found, wouldn’t it be great if machine-learning models could be run on this information to automatically answer the underwriting questions? This is where d3 Answers™ comes in handy. It provides immediate answers to underwriting questions through our specialized models that are trained to think like underwriters.

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Pre-Qualify the Risk

As we come near the end of the underwriting journey, there is one more critical step. How do we know this risk is within our risk appetite? We are aware that would not only free up the underwriter’s time, but it would also ensure profitability. That is why we have d3 Score™. With d3 Score, machine-learning models are used to analyze what is known about the risk and determine if it falls within your risk appetite. Once the risk is qualified, it can be sent to the carrier’s rating engine and a quote can be displayed for the user—all in a matter of seconds!

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