Webinar Series - Artificial Intelligence: The Tools You Need to Realize Underwriting Excellence

Out of 300 global executives implementing AI, 85% of them are either seeing or expecting better decision making in their organization as a result of using AI according to a recent Accenture report. 78% of them are already seeing or are expected to see reduced operational costs, and 75% of them have experienced or are expected to experience improved customer satisfaction. AI is very powerful, and it can bring tremendous value to commercial P&C insurers looking to digitize their processes through an end-to-end underwriting management system.

Watch this webinar series to learn more about how you can use AI to realize underwriting excellence from Phil Alampi, our VP of Sales and Marketing. Here is more information about each webinar:

Part I: How to Realize Underwriting Excellence

  • Explore the impact that an end-to-end underwriting management system can have on one area or on the entirety of the underwriting process from submission to quote.
  • Discover specific, real-life examples of how an insurer can achieve the several key benefits using an underwriting management system.

Part II: Digitizing the Insurance Application Process 

  • Take an in depth look at the insurance application process and how digital tools such as AI can help an insurer during clearance, file preparation, and for underwriting insights.
  • Learn how to use digital tools to help underwriters quote faster, achieve straight-through processing on new submissions, and gain valuable insights from submission applications.
  • Use Convr’s latest ROI calculator to see the benefits that an insurer can have by digitizing the insurance application process.

Part III: AI: Underwriting Insights and Answers in Seconds 

  • Discover how an insurer can receive new insights and answers to all underwriting questions on the businesses that they are looking to insure with the use of AI through underwriting analysis, book enrichment, pre-fill, and business classification.
  • Use Convr’s ROI calculator to see the return on investment that an insurer can have by using these digital tools.

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