The Power of AI (Part II): A Carrier's Journey Towards Innovation Ep. 1

In this second part of our video series, we will explore how Penn National Insurance, an innovative P&C carrier, is using AI technology to not only improve the customer experience, but also to accurately assess current and evolving business risks in their underwriting process. Randy Mancini, VP of commercial lines at Penn National Insurance, will share his outlook on:

  • The reasons Penn National Insurance has chosen continuous innovation
  • How Penn National Insurance is currently using AI technology
  • What the future holds for his company

In this episode of our series, Randy will explain how insight generation has been one of the driving factors that has led the underwriting team at Penn National Insurance to pursue technologies such as AI.

Next week, the discussion will continue on what other factors played a deciding role in Penn National's pursuit of AI. Until then, check out the videos in the first part of our series on creating super underwriters.