Synergy Coverage Solutions Partners with DataCubes to Automate Submission Intake Process and Improve Customer Experience

Workers compensation MGA to automate the intake of applications and loss runs for increased speed and accuracy

CHICAGO (May 16, 2019) - DataCubes, a leading decision automation platform for commercial P&C underwriting, announced today its partnership with Synergy Coverage Solutions (Synergy), a leading niche workers compensation MGA operating primarily in the Southeast and Midwest. Synergy Coverage Solutions’ paramount claims handling, underwriting and loss prevention services have lead them to outperform industry results by 38%. Through the partnership, Synergy will utilize DataCubes’ AI-powered intake platform, d3 Intake™, to automate the intake of ACORD forms and loss run documents.

“Our partnership with DataCubes helps us further our commitment to providing world-class service to our agents and insureds,” said Jill Bowyer, COO at Synergy. “Documents that previously took days or weeks to process are now being digitized and completed in a matter of minutes. Our submission process and underwriting efficiencies have greatly improved.”

With DataCubes’ machine learning and computer-vision technology, Synergy’s underwriters will be able to eliminate manual data entry during the intake process which typically consists of hundreds of pages of structured and unstructured data. In addition, d3 Intake analyzes inputs in near real-time in order to find missing information and to resolve quality issues, enabling agents to receive quotes faster and with greater accuracy.

“It is an honor to be working with carriers such as Synergy who are making major technical advances to increase productivity and to optimize their underwriting processes,” said Kuldeep Malik, DataCubes co-founder and CEO. “With our intake solution, Synergy’s underwriters are able to draw insights quickly and can focus more of their time applying their specialized knowledge and expertise to each quote.”

About DataCubes

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