Optimizing Growth Through Enhanced Employee Experience

DataCubes is in the midst of rapid growth, not only in the number of employees and customers but also in the maturity of our organization. One sign of the increasing maturity is the value placed in the creation of an established People Development function. I joined DataCubes two months ago as our first-ever Director of HR, with a mission to help manage and optimize our ongoing growth.  


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I see establishing a People Development department as a key milestone as we evolve into a more mature organization. As our company advances along the path from startup to established entity, it is a critical function that adds strategic value for all the company’s stakeholders. It also helps ensure the company’s growth is manageable and sustainable.  

It’s widely accepted that people are a company’s most important assets and that is doubly the case here at DataCubes. We help recruit and retain top talent and maximize the creativity and productivity of the company’s workforce. By establishing effective policies and efficient procedures, we make it easier to hire the right people, onboard them quickly and indoctrinate them into our culture —crucial for a fast-growing organization. We increase employee satisfaction by working with employees to define career paths for those who want to move into more advanced and/or leadership roles, and developing a system of rewards and incentives for all high-performers.

I also see my role as an important part of shaping company culture, preserving and amplifying the positive aspects, reframing any elements that are no longer applicable and ensuring that work stays fun as well as challenging. An effective culture contributes to engaged and high-performing employees, which in turn enables collaborative innovation and greater responsiveness to our customer needs.

I am also focused on augmenting our leadership team, providing informed insights on everything from risk and compliance to performance management, leadership development, training and policy planning. This will allow our leaders to focus on our employees and customers without having to worry about the ‘HR stuff’.

I have spent more than two decades as an HR professional, handling the full range of HR functions and working with some great customer-centric organizations in the HCM, banking, CRE and insurance industries. In addition to an MBA, I’m certified as a Senior Professional in HR (SPHR), an accreditation that emphasizes mastery of HR’s strategic and policy-making aspects.


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I’m excited to be here at DataCubes. I look forward to helping all DataCubes employees achieve their full potential and helping the company optimize its continued growth. As a result, our customers will be able to count on us for even higher levels of service, responsiveness and accountability as we partner with them to modernize their underwriting business.                                

DataCubes is aggressively hiring, so if you’re a passionate, energetic data scientist, software engineer, Python developer, customer success manager or quality control specialist, I hope you’ll check us out. You’ll have a chance to experience the excitement of an entrepreneurial company along with the system supports of a larger organization, all while helping transform a dynamic industry. If you want to learn more about how we are ‘disrupting’ the insurance industry, please go to: https://www.datacubes.com/careers --I look forward to talking with you.