DataCubes Selected by The Hanover to Leverage Automation in Its Underwriting & Risk Analysis Process

The Hanover to Adopt DataCubes’ d3 Answers™ to Enhance Agent Experience and Underwriting Efficiency

CHICAGO (Aug. 5, 2019) - DataCubes, a leading decision automation platform for commercial P&C underwriting, announced today its partnership with The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc., a leading property and casualty insurance carrier. Through the agreement, The Hanover will leverage DataCubes’ underwriting technology to enhance its agents’ experience with appetite and quoting transactions as well as streamline its underwriting process.

“We are proud to be helping The Hanover enhance its ability to efficiently gather underwriting information while identifying exceptions and unique characteristics on risks that may warrant additional review,” said Kuldeep Malik, DataCubes co-founder and CEO. “The Hanover will maintain its high underwriting standards and improve the experiences of its agency partners by  increasing quote accuracy and turnaround time.”

“DataCubes will help us to improve our agencies’ transactional experiences while also increasing our underwriting service levels by empowering our underwriters to spend less time gathering information on businesses and more time evaluating the most critical risks,” said Richard W. Lavey, president of Hanover Agency Markets at The Hanover.

DataCubes’ AI-driven d3 Underwriting platform is trained to emulate the best practices of a human underwriter. With its machine learning models, DataCubes analyzes and interprets over four billion data points to build robust business profiles that help carriers discover important underwriting insights and risk characteristics in near real-time. DataCubes’ d3 Answers™ reduces the number of underwriting questions that need to be asked manually by using AI and the digital footprint of a business to determine the best responses.

About DataCubes

Headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois, and founded in 2016 by Kuldeep Malik and Harish Neelamana, DataCubes is the first decision automation platform for commercial P&C underwriting. The company has revolutionized the commercial underwriting process with cutting-edge AI and data science. Commercial carriers of all sizes use DataCubes to make real-time underwriting decisions based on rich data and highly-accurate information gathered by external sources to improve productivity, profitability, efficiency and accuracy. To learn more, visit