Large & Middle Market Underwriting

Reduce administrative overhead and lead times

Optimize underwriting processes to expedite submission turnaround and improve agent satisfaction.

Email Application Intake

The journey to optimizing the underwriting process starts with d3 Intake™. d3 Intake receives submission documents, such as applications and loss runs, from the agent and processes those submission documents using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). These documents are then converted into structured data ready to be reviewed in Convr's Digital Document Asset Library (DDAL) by the underwriter. 

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The next step in our journey is d3 Risk 360™. Once the underwriter finishes analyzing the submission documents, they are ready to search the business they are underwriting. This step of the process can take a long time to complete, but the good news is they do not have to spend hours or days searching the web. With d3 Risk 360, the underwriter can discover business insights from third-party data sources, such as government entities, public records, and company websites across all 50 states in a matter of minutes. 

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Answer Underwriting Questions

Now that underwriters can easily access all available public information about a business, wouldn’t it be great if they could also have answers to their underwriting questions without having to spend valuable time searching for those answers? This is where d3 Answers™ comes in handy. With d3 Answers, the underwriter can address questions directly through AI-trained models that answer underwriting questions.

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As we come near the end of the new business underwriting journey, we can’t help but ask, how do we know where this submission should be prioritized? This would make far better use of the underwriter’s time. That is why we have d3 Risk Score™. With d3 Risk Score, the underwriter can optimize the selection and prioritization of risk for evaluation and ensure that a quoted business is within the risk appetite. Once underwriting is completed, the risk is ready to be rated before going back to the agent as a quote.

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