Intelligent Document Processing

Increase Speed-to-Quote Using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for a Better Underwriting Experience

Convr’s d3 Intake™ decisioning engine eliminates manual submission paperwork by ingesting, preparing and analyzing submissions for a more effective, digital process. 

By automating and digitizing the insurance application process, leading carriers enable underwriters to quote faster, with more confidence and enhanced application data as well as additional insights.  

As P&C carriers modernize and digitize the underwriting experience, Intake is often the starting point offering quick results and real business impact.

With Convr’s d3 Intake, you can:


Reduce costs & lead times

Reduce administrative overhead and lead times. Optimize underwriting processes to expedite submission turnaround and improve agent satisfaction.

Scale small business operations

Power your SMB agent and customer experience.


Intelligent Document Processing

Collect, analyze, and retain all the information you’ve captured in the application process. Keep and use those insights to inform future pricing models, quote denials or acceptances.



Underwriting Experience


Speed to Quote






Customer Experience

Innovate and automate submission-to-quote with Intelligent Document Processing

Convr d3 Intake utilizes its patented, AI-driven IDP engine to digitize, automate, append, and prepare submission documents so underwriters can spend more time growing premiums and customer relationships.

  • Digitally manage clearance and file preparation:  Achieve Straight-Through Processing (STP) from a suite of insurance-specific AI models developed over the past six years in working with carriers that see over 80% of the premium flow in the market.
  • Empower underwriters to bring their own data:  Easily integrate your own data with Convr’s third-party data sources to gain a holistic view of a given business and to build more confidence in risk selection.
  • Digitize and centralize structured and unstructured data:  Take advantage of Convr’s machine-learning P&C models that are pre-trained on thousands of ACORD applications, loss runs and other key insurance documents.
  • Continually train to expand insights:  Improve accuracy and confidence over time with Convr’s self-learning AI-decisioning engine that gets smarter with experience.
  • Build your own tailored workspace:  Ensure your underwriting team is informed and in control of the entire underwriting process from submission to quote.
  • Understand underwriting fitness:  Define configurable business rules against your document data sets to determine the suitability of each document for STP vs Human In the Loop (HITL) processing.

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