d3 Risk Score™

Find new signals within new data sources

With d3 Risk Score™, rich insights can be surfaced to assist with Risk Selection, Risk Relativity and Lead Scoring.

With d3 Risk Score, you can:


Manage risks and opportunities

With Lead Scoring, Risk Selection, and Risk Relativity capabilities all within one purpose-built module, your underwriters will be able to better manage risks and opportunities.


Configure business rules

Develop your own unique scoring engine to provide underwriters with a segmented list of business profiles that meet their risk appetite. 


Create a better customer experience

Share with distribution partners; agents, brokers and wholesalers prioritized lists and a clear “Ideal Customer Profile” to accelerate speed to quote.



Premium Growth


Underwriting Productivity


Customer Experience

Risk Selection

Risk Selection categorizes and prioritizes incoming submissions and overlays that applicant data with the carrier’s company and line of business underwriting business rules.



  • Assess submission application data from structured and unstructured documents and sources including the digital footprint constructed in Convr Risk 360. 
  • Overlay the applicant’s digital footprint with your company and line of business level underwriting rules and/or AI-models to make more accurate risk predictions and to provide optimal categorization and prioritization of submissions.

Lead Score

Lead Score rank-orders candidate insureds against the carrier’s desirable attributes, delivering a prioritized list of the most profitable business to use in prospecting, marketing, and underwriting.



  • Eliminate wasted time on undesirable leads to lower the cost of sales. 
  • Create opportunities to bring in new potential insureds before your competitors
  • Grow your book of business fast and profitably through focused insights

Risk Relativity

Risk Relativity leverages thousands of data sources linked to US businesses with sophisticated high-performing AI-driven learning models to prioritize and quantify risk.


  • Rank order the universe of risk elements to spend more time on the right accounts.
  • Quantify the risk of individual businesses relative to a benchmark for a broader evaluation.
  • Leverage AI-driven models for underwriters to provide them with more meaningful and interpretable measures of risk for businesses.

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