d3 Risk 360™

Deeper and Faster Discovery Drives Growth and Greater Loss Avoidance

Tired of time-consuming and laborious internet searching? 

Streamline the research needed to know more about the insured’s business with ease and confidence with d3 Risk 360™. 

d3 Risk 360 is a data lake comprised of the digital footprint of millions of businesses, empowering underwriting with detailed insights from tens of thousands of data sources. 

With d3 Risk 360, you can:


Visualize a deeper applicant view

Access a comprehensive view of a business's digital footprint drawn from thousands of data sources including local, state, and federal government information, social media, business websites and thousands of others to better inform decision making.


Determine risk appetite with greater efficiency

Harness Convr’s centralized command center that brings together your data and insights from thousands of third-party sources for more informed decisions.


Organize the vast amount of information

Use Convr’s data cards, by category and by line-of-business, to realize important insights leading to better decisions.


Empower underwriters to bring their own data

Easily integrate your own data with Convr’s third-party data sources to gain a more holistic applicant view and to build more confidence in risk selection.


Retain and reuse applicant data

Stop losing valuable information from manual process to assure a historical audit compliance and to inform future models and decisions.



Loss Avoidance


Price Adequacy


Underwriting Efficiency


Speed to Quote



Learn how Columbia increased Company search hit rate by 88% with d3 Risk 360


With d3 Risk 360, you have two powerful capabilities to innovate the underwriting experience, Underwriting Analysis and Book Enrichment. 

Underwriting Analysis

Underwriting Analysis using d3 Risk 360 provides underwriters with a unified view of a business’s digital footprint including history, DBA, credentials, license, filings and much more to assess the risk of a submission.



  • Detect key words online for your business applicant so you can more easily surface the correct class codes representing the picture of the insured’s company.
  • Source and append the applicant’s profile characteristics from thousands of public and third-party data sources from local, state, and national institutions such as county assessor, secretary of state, US Federal government agencies as well as social media sites or crowd-sourced resources like Yelp and Google Reviews. 
  • Configure and specify key words and workflows to find adverse signals by line of business and class.
  • Collect, organize, and present data in a single underwriting experience, so users can select the desired risk to quote with greater efficiency and speed.
  • Dynamically monitor for changes in a business's profile, alerting underwriters to reassess a policy's risk exposure prior to renewal.
  • Data refresh is a scheduled activity that occurs as the same rate as each data source.

Book Enrichment

Book Enrichment provides in-depth insights into the entirety of your various books of the business. Policy files are enriched from d3 Risk 360 data using data from thousands of public and third-party data sources. Insights from this enriched data can be used to get better results from book rolls, new product development and portfolio analysis.



  • Validate data across all your policies and enrich your books across the business.
  • Append data and identify policy anomalies for future decision-making support.

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