d3 Answers™

Digital Insights Drives Underwriting Excellence

d3 Answers™ streamlines and centralizes all available information about an applicant’s business and answers underwriting questions directly through insurance-trained AI models.  There are two key components of Answers: Pre-fill and Business Classification.

With d3 Answers, you can:


Deliver an optimal experience

Innovate the process with pre-fill capabilities for both agent and insured customer portals.


Control, append and approve all submissions

Gain digital insights while remaining in control of the end-to-end application review and approval process.


See a comprehensive digital footprint

Leverage a wide range of information to construct a more accurate depiction of a business. 



Loss Avoidance


Price Adequacy


Underwriting Efficiency


Speed to Quote



Learn how carriers like Columbia are saving underwriters more than 2,500 hours a year.


With d3 Answers, you have two powerful capabilities to innovate the underwriting experience, Pre-Fill and Business Classification


Answers includes Pre-Fill automation, a powerful engine that prefills portal application data fields in sub-second time. 



  • Pre-fill over 75% of most submission applications to make it easier to do business and to achieve straight-through processing. 
  • Review, validate and edit entered data to ensure the a higher quality application. 
  • Accelerate the review of submissions that did not meet STP standards.
  • Integrate d3 Answers Convr Connect API's into relevant portals to elevate the overall underwriting experience.

Business Classification

Business Classification with d3 Answers classifies the submission applications business activities and risk exposures based on a business's digital footprint, enabling superior risk evaluation and rating.  d3 Answers also allows users to review and/or edit classifications in special cases.


  • Classify businesses into their correct category using AI-driven insights to ensure proper risk assessment and selection. 
  • Organize, review and update classifications as needed. 

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