Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This week I made a huge leap – from the world of relatively stable investment fund employment to becoming an early employee at DataCubes. I went from having a fairly predictable future and well-defined structure to the open greenfields of a startup (hopefully).

This move did not net me a penny and may never do so. I didn’t get comparable benefits and a signing bonus. There’s no expense account and I no longer get to take advantage of the plethora of company perks that go with being in Corporate America. Am I nuts? Probably.


Me, Day 1 at DataCubes.

The thing is, I’ve always loved adventure and pursuing new challenges, both professionally and personally. From entering Officer Cadet School and subsequently joining a Special Operations unit of the Police force as part of my military service in the Singapore Armed Forces at age 18, to choosing to forgo the well-worn and lucrative path of investment banking to join a small and untested hedge fund out of college, I have veered towards opportunities that are more exciting but atypical.


I'm also an avid squash player!

Taking that step into the unknown often results in a constant struggle and almost always requires working extremely hard, but emerging from that grind as a stronger and more well-rounded individual is very rewarding. After all, it's impossible to get a breadth of experience from doing the same thing year in and year out. 

So what did I get out of coming to DataCubes? Well, I’ve always felt the desire to create something new; to be part of building a business. It’s one of the adventures I have yet to embark on and I decided now is the time.

As part of the Product Management team at DataCubes, I’ll be working with cutting-edge technology solving a problem in commercial underwriting that is going to make people’s lives better. I’m stepping into something entirely new for me, working with products built on technologies such as machine learning and computer vision. I’m going to be challenged. I’m going to be pushed. I’m going to be better. That’s what I get: the accelerated improvement one only gets by stepping out of their comfort zone.

What was your most recent improvement?