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    The Story

    It all started with an idea. What if we could use decision science to advance the commercial P&C insurance industry to unprecedented levels? Since then, our vision has been to turn this powerful idea into reality. We started as a small team with less than ten employees in 2016 and we are continually growing and expanding each year to best serve the growing needs of the industry. Our team, consisting of over 50 industry experts in both insurance and technology today, work passionately to serve our customers and to make sure our products are constantly evolving over time.


    Keeping It Simple

    Here at Convr, we maintain a vision of simplicity. Our focus is solely on applying decision science to optimize commercial P&C underwriting. We believe that insurers will eventually be able to underwrite most businesses using only the business name and address.

    Above all, we value human interaction. With the help of AI, especially machine learning, we are building a future where insurers can spend more quality time growing and building customer and agent relationships and spend less time on manual processes.


    Our Growth


    Deployments Across the U.S.




    Million Capital Raised


    Billion Data Points

    Our Core Values

    Open Communication
    We rely on a system of transparency where all members of our company can freely share ideas and receive feedback.
    Decision-Making Freedom
    We have the freedom to explore new methods to solve daily challenges.
    We are present and accountable for our work no matter our geographic location.
    Our strong belief in integrity and collaboration lead us to breakthroughs of new ideas.
    We are determined problem solvers that bring innovative solutions to the industry.

    The Team that Turns Vision into Reality

    Bruce Simpson


    Harish Neelamana

    Cofounder & President

    Phil Alampi

    VP of Sales & Marketing

    Kyle Hoffman

    VP of Customer Success

    Mike Goldstein

    Chief Technology Officer

    Gee Leung

    Chief Financial Officer

    Rick Syens

    VP of Human Resources

    John Henry

    Chief Analytics Officer

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